World of Dance: Qualifiers

Below is a recap of the Qualifying routines.

Updated 7/11

Super Cr3w

When I Ruled The World- Coldplay

You may know Super Cr3w from the America’s Best Dance Crew days. More specifically, as the winners of season 2 (disappointed no one through up that old hand sign, but I’ll get over it). The B-boys scored a high 88 from the judges putting them through to the next round for the Team Division.

Diana Pombo

Bird Set Free- Sia

Diana is a little leggy dancer from Stars Dance Studio (Victor Smalley & Angel Armas) in Miami. She made it to the Academy round of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation and Team Sasha. But now she is featured and moving on in the Junior Division with an impressive 88.7.  I challenge you all to wipe your head with your foot as well.

Keone and Mari Madrid

Happy- C2C 

Keone and Mari.  As a long time fan of these two, where do I begin. This Keone and Mari duet can be found in a class setting at Urban Dance Camp or in full squad with Choreo Cookies at Vibe XIX (starts at 4:45 mark but I suggest you just take in one of my favorite Cookies performances as a whole.) The couple scored an 85, a little underscored if you ask me. But the Upper Division is stacked.

D’Angelo and Amanda

Run Boy Run- Woodkid

At this point every summary has featured “You may know __ from” and this couple is no exception. D’Angelo and Amanda were finalists on America’s Got Talent Season 8. Heres some extra background from the AGT veterans. D’Angelo was also on season 7 with group, The Untouchables (6th place.) His younger brother was also a contestant the same season (Jonas and Ruby.) And coaches (D’Angelo’s parents, Manny and Lory) were responsible for bringing us Miami All Stars season 6.  So basically, DanceTown runs the television competition shows and I am 100% okay with that. Back to the present, D’Angelo and Amanda scored an 88.3 and moved onto the next round in the Junior Division. But with a background like that, I’m sure it does not surprise anyone.


High For This- Elli Goulding 

Kinjaz is a hard one for me to recap because the crew has endless credentials. I will however throw in the fun fact that this is a revisited performance from Anthony Lee’s High For This piece back in 2012. Look at that growth! Kinjaz also came in second behind Quest Crew for season 8 of America’s Best Dance Crew. But let’s put that in the past and rejoice for new stage pieces. Competing in the Team category, Kinjaz scored a well deserved 91 (I am definitely biased.)

*I encourage you all to go down the deep hole of Kinjaz youtube videos if you havent already.

Les Twins

Free- 6Lack

Another duet with commercial success, Les Twins are no stranger to the spotlight or WOD stage. They are most known for commercially for appearing as Beyonce’s dancers.  But you may also know them (and not even remember until now that you have seen this,) from their WOD San Diego performance in 2011. The video has 37 million views, you have to have seen it, don’t lie to yourself. In this Upper Division performance, Laurent and Larry averaged a crazy 95.7.


Unsteady- X Ambassador

Fik-Shun is no stranger to the solo stage. He won the male title of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10. To be honest, I enjoyed any time Fik-Shun had to do a solo on the show, more so than the actual routines themselves. So I would like him to stay on this show as long as possible to fill that void. Fik-Shun’s moving performance scored him a 91 to move on in the Upper Division. So we get at least one more Fik-Shun solo to enjoy.

Nick Daniels

Secrets- One Republic

We got ourselves another Stars Dancer on the show. I’m not sure what is in the water that flows into that studio, but I’m about it. Competing in the Upper Division, Nick Daniels showed off his strength, flexibility and emotion to the judges scoring him an 87 with his contemporary solo. I mean, just look at that thumbnail. I would have also enjoyed the last move as a thumbnail. What a little jellyfish.

The Lab

Bad Boys For Life- Puff Daddy

I saw these children perform this piece with my own eyes and let me tell you, it was just as crazy. Where you may ask? The Lab, along with The West Covina Hip Hop Team to form TLxWC, competed and won Vibe Jrs. This got them a spot in the showcase lineup of Vibe XXII  (This is probably a spoiler of the results of the show. Highlight at your own risk..Funny looking back now because Vibe was the same day the WOD finale was filmed…) Anyway, I enjoy these children immensely as did the judges, giving them a 91.3 to move onwards in the Junior Division.

Quick Style

Jolene- Dolly Parton

I also have been following these three for a number of years. A search of “Quick Crew” on Youtube will send you down a path featuring years of videos to catch up on. They pretty much have choreographed to The Weeknd’s entire discography. But for this performance, went a completely different route while keeping their quick (I see what they did there) and clean style. And it worked, scoring them an 86.7  in the Upper Division.

Luka and Jenalyn

You Don’t Own Me- Grace feat. G-Eazy

Well this is different that anything that has been on the show thus far. SO MUCH SPINNING. I honestly got dizzy at points so props to Jenalyn for not falling over the second she was back on her feet. Ballroom Cabaret is a style I didn’t know I wanted to watch more of until after this routine ended. The judges agreed, giving the Upper Division performers an 86.7.

Swing Latino

Bemba Colora- Celia Cruz

If there were a prize for best costumes, Swing Latino would have taken that one home. Definitely agreed with Neyo’s talking point on everyone holding their own. Did not find my eyes drifting to the girls over the boys or vice versa. Honestly, it was probably the costumes holding the bulk of my attention. The Team Division group walked away with an 89.3 for their performance.

The Mihacevich Sisters

Warrior- Demi Lovato

If we are being honest here, a little confused on how this made it through to the live show. No doubt they are talented and so special to have 3 sisters dancing together, but this is the kind of dance I see at studio dance competitions and thats not what I turn on my TV for. However, it is refreshing to see a dance that isnt all tricks. The judges put through the Junior Division dancers with an 87.


Panda- Desiigner

These girls performed the nearly 12 million viewed version of Antoine Troupe’s choreography. What they scored, I could not tell you because this “digital exclusive” does not disclose that information. However, they did move on to the next round so they scored well enough!

Ian Eastwood & the Young Lions

Chunky- Bruno Mars

I am always here for any members of Young Lions, especially Ian Eastwood. Ian Eastwood is known for for his word play and smooth choreography. The judges wanted more excitement from the group (I think they missed the Ian Eastwood style memo.) But they put them through the Team Division with 83.7.


Powerful- Major Lazer

There was a couple stumbles in this routine, but a solid ballroom performance from an Upper Division couple which involved a fusion of styles. The judges gave them a score of 86 to help them advance to the next round.

Chapkis Dance Family

All The Way Up- Timo

This is also a Digital Exclusive so the score is unknown, however they did advance in the Team Division. Fun Fact: This performance can also be seen in 2nd place performance at Body Rock 2017 (this piece starts at 1:15 but it placed 2nd so give the whole thing a peak.)

Boys of Temecula

Canned Heat- Jamiroquai

This song plays and my mind automatically envisions red pointe shoes and Jodie from Center Stage dancing with Charlie and Cooper. But I digress, these Junior Division boys provided a high energy, clean performance at the level of the Upper Division. I have a feeling this is what the judges wanted from Ian Eastwood. But they got it from the boys from Temecula Dance Company. Since it is a digital exclusive, no scores are provided. Not sure why they didn’t include this one in the broadcast. It was definitely upbeat enough.


Still Feelin It- Mistah FAB

Bar so high. It’s the Jabbawockeez. Some of the judges were not feeling this performance for the lack of classic Jabba (popping, isos, ect.) But I LOVE IT. I think it was the perfect mix of old and new. Plus I personally love grooves. Jabba can do no wrong. If you can’t get enough of the Jabbawockeez, they performed this piece and more at halftime at The NBA Finals in 2016 and were invited back this year as well. Oh by the way, they scored an 86.7 in the Team Division.


Eva Igo

Bridges- Bishop Briggs

Song choice girl. Good choice. A Junior Division dancer from Larking Dance Studio, Eva quite literally wow’d the judges with her musicality and flexibility. Definitely one of my favorite Junior dances from the Qualifiers. Can we put her in with The Lab dancers, I feel as if she hit some moves in this solo that would fit quite nicely. Eva moved on to the next round averaging an 88.

The Posse

Scars To You’re Beautiful-Alessia Cara

The Junior Division group of girls presented a routine with a message in this digital exclusive. Each girl wore a long sleeve shirt with a single descriptive word, and shed them one by one. Once again no score was given, but the message was clear and they were put through to the next round.

Kyle Van Newkirk

Don’t Wanna Know- Maroon 5 feat.Kendrick Lamar

In the last digital exclusive, Kyle Van Newkirk tapped. And for some reason, networks think no one wants to watch tap. But here it is! This is so good. Tap to Kendrick?! Just watch it.


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