World of Dance: The Duels

Below is a recap of The Duels routines.

Updated 7/15

Fik-Shun vs Nick Daniels

Fragile- Tech N9ne |Wicked Game- Raign

Strong solos by both Fik-Shun and Nick in the Upper Division. While Fik-Shun showed off some crazy body control, Nick answered back with insane flexibility. It’s hard to judge these two against each other since they were both so different. But the judges scored Fik-Shun 90.7 and Nick  87.7, sending Fik-Shun through to the next round of the show.

Swing Latino vs Miami All-Stars

Pa Lante- Jose Aguirre |Jumpin’ Jack- Voodoo Daddy

Speaking of Miami All-Stars in the previous Qualifiers post. Surprise, here they are! They went up against Swing Latino in the Team Division, who this time toned it down on the costumes so I could focus (thanks guys.) However, they did not tone down on the energy and ended up moving on to the next round with a score of 91.7 against Miami All-Stars 88.3.

KynTay vs Eva Igo

Bang Bang- Jessie J feat. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj |It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World- Juliet Simms

I probably would have caused a small uproar is Eva did not make it through to the next round. In this Junior Division Battle Eva went up against the duo KynTay. This was a fun and fierce little battle in between the two. But in the end Eva’s strength pushed her through to the next round with a score of 89 against KynTay’s 82.7.

Keone and Mari vs Quick Style

Like Real People Do- Hozier | Guidance- Travis Scott

Why do this to me? My two favorites in one Upper Division battle. Also had a minor meltdown because Keone and Mari have done this piece before (which is now non-existent and only in my memory) and getting a stage version was everything I would have ever hoped for. They also released an uncut version (because give the people what they want.) As for the Quick Style, they performed their signature clean and precise choreography with a little cheering on the sides from the Madrid’s themselves. This was definitely a battle with no clear winner, but Keone and Mari took the win with a score of 91.3 and Quick Style 89.3

The Posse vs Diana Pombo

In The Name of Love- Martin Garrix | Rise- Katy Perry

In the Junior Division The Posse went against Diana Pombo. The Posse made use of a rope, chained to their wrists, holding them all together as a prop until breaking free at the end. While Diana gave her best angsty performance towards the judges. In the end, the judges felt Diana had given and could give them more and sent her through to the next round with a 91.3. The Posse had scored an 86.

Super Cr3w vs Royal Flux

Workin’ Day and Night- Michael Jackson | Brother- Matt Corby

A Michael Jackson performance can go either one of two ways… But this one was high energy fun. The tricks in this performance were insane and continuous. You are just going to have to believe me on this one if this version gets taken down because the video is not up on the official World of Dance Youtube page (I would assume for copyright reasons.) This duel was the first time Royal Flux, a company founded by Jayci Royal, was featured on the show. It’s a shame they only got one performance to air and a tough duel against the flashy Super Cr3w. In the end, Super Cr3w took the win in the Team Division with a 89 over Royal Flux’s 86.3.

The Lab vs Boys of Temecula

All I Do Is Win- DJ Khaled | Shut Up and Dance- Walk The Moon

Well this is another hard one for me. I very much enjoyed the last performance by both of these groups in the Junior Division. But its hard to compete against a team thats as hard hitting as The Lab when the scoring sheet heavily favors crowd hyping performances. The Boys of Temecula did hold their own though. Sadly it was not enough for them scoring a 84.7 to The Lab’s 89.7.

Kyle Van Newkirk vs Les Twins

Classic Man- Jidenna | Deep In The Bottom (Of Africa)- Monique Bingham

Another VERY hard one in the Upper Division. These two are so different its hard to put them against each other for elimination, but here we are. I didn’t realize how much I wanted a tap piece to Classic Man until it began and I didn’t want to turn back. And twirling a pipe! Risky. But the way Les Twins move! So much exclamation! They turned it into a true battle taunting and teasing all styles throughout their piece and ending with a taunt aimed right at Kyle, that was until the neck snap. Kyle scored an 86 and wasnt able to take down Les Twins who scored a 92.

Kinjaz vs Stoll Groove

Change (Kinja Bang)- TroyBoi | My Prerogative- Bobby Brown

The Kinjaz broke out their own song for this duel. If you watched America’s Best Dance Crew, you would have recognized the Dojo set from their final performance on the show. Another Kinjaz piece re-envisioned for the WOD stage. One of the best parts about the Kinjaz, besides the synchronicity of their dancing, is the visuals they provide to enhance their performance. This routine is a great example of that. It could have been 5 minutes long and never dragged. World of Dance did not upload Stoll Groove’s performance. Compared to Kinjaz, I was underwhelmed by it. I enjoy a good step team but you were unable to hear a majority of the steps due to the music choice. Kinjaz took the Team Division round scoring a 91.3 to Stoll Grooves 81.3.

Luka and Jenalyn vs DNA

Don’t Let Me Down- Chainsmokers | Love Runs Out- OneRepublic

Not sure how much further the big lifts will get Luka and Jenalyn, but I am down to keep watching. This one made me slightly dizzier than the previous one, so I guess that means they stepped it up. DNA’s performance was not uploaded to the World of Dance Youtube Channel. They did have a major slip up at the beginning involving a little bit of a fall. Luka and Jenalyn scored a 88.7 moving them along in the Upper Division, while DNA scored an 80.3.


Immabeast vs Mini Request

Juice- AD

Immabeast, featuring all the kids you see in class videos you wish you could dance like. If you’ve watched any Immabeast video, and it’s hard to not, I’m sure you know that these kids all killed it. Mini Request (who’s video was not loaded on the World of Dance Youtube page) is the Junior crew under Request (If you don’t know them, I am sure you know Paris Goebel and/or The Royal Family.) Sadly not enough of their performance was even shown on TV to get a feel for how they did in comparison. But Immabeast took the Junior Division win with 86 and Mini Request scored 85.7 (which sounds pretty close to me..)

Now if you put Immabeast against the Lab, that would be a serious battle…

Kings Unite vs Pasion

Code Name Vivaldi- The Piano Guys

At this point you could tell that they are tight for time because they were not airing the full battles. Kings Unite (who’s video is also not on the World of Dance Youtube page) went up agains Pasion. This time Pasion broke out the castanets in their flamenco routine. Still did not get as much passion from Pasion as I expect to but they moved on to the next round of the Upper Division with a score of 87.3 to Kings Unite’s 83.7.

Rhythmatic vs Chapkis Dance Family

Get Like Me- Nelly

Another performance battle cut for time was between Rhythmatic and Chapkis. Once again, no video is uploaded for Rythmatic so it is hard to compare the two. Chapkis only outscored them by two points winning the Team Division duel with a 88.7 to Rhythmatic’s 86.3.

D’Angelo and Amanda vs The Mihacevich Sisters

Hip Hip Chin Chin- Club Des Belugas | Unstoppable- Sia

Now heres a Junior Division duel result that really shocked me. The performance of D’Angelo and Amanda was not uploaded to the World of Dance Youtube page. The judges commented on the bar being set high from the previous performance and believed they did not exceed it in this performance. I also believe The Mihacevich Sisters did not surpass the level of dance they presented in the previous round. The win went to The Mihacevich Sisters with a score of 81. D’Angelo and Amanda scored a 78.7 for their performance.

Rouge vs Jabbawockeez vs Ian Eastwood and The Young Lions

Trini Dem Girls- Nicki Minaj| Scenario- A Tribe Called Quest | Hot In Herre- Nelly

Someone had to go against the Jabbawockeez, so why not make it two teams. This was the first time we saw Rouge, who brought a commercial jazz style to the competition unlike any of the other Upper Division teams. Jennifer Lopez mentioned wanting to have the girls of Rouge dance for her, so we will see if any of those girls pop up in J-Lo’s shows. As per the judges requests, The Jabbawockeez came back with a routine that screamed Jabba. But in response, Ian Eastwood also took notes and fought back with an upgraded, clean performance. Last round the judges mentioned The Young Lions were more like back-up dancers in an artists performance, but this time the notes were taken and applied.  This performance ultimately got him and the Young Lions the win scoring a 85.7, one point more than the Jabbawockeez who scored a 84.7 and Rouge was sent home as well with a score of 80.


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